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ChopWars™ - Lightsaber Chopsticks

ChopWars™ - Lightsaber Chopsticks

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cecil Boyer

Pretty freakin' awesome! I'm not very adept with chopsticks, but at least I'll look cool using these! I'm going to have to get to Great Wall soon. Their photos show the even saturation of the luminance, but in my 2nd photo the upper left shows the brightness and color better. These things are so bright, I'm not sure if I'll be able to use them when they're lit! I have to find, or make, some kind of transport device for them, but for now I have them in a felt ink pen sleeve (pic 3). I still haven't gotten a picture of the multi-color set, that I gave my friend earlier, with it lit up, but I'm sure it's even more dazzling than my monochromatic beauties. Anyway, I am thrilled with this purchase!

Stefanie Goyette

There is a fool! I will be easier!
Aidina, I don't call him a word trimati.
And so cool goods, especially if vinikayu svitlo)

Katherine Homenick

As described. It is convenient. I advise you to buy.

Paris Bechtelar

Excellent such as in the photo

Marlene Daugherty

Lights up brightly, really cool!